From blonde to copper and — miraculously — back again!

Are you dreaming of a dramatic hair colour transformation but worried about the potential damage to your locks? At REVIVE, your Hairdresser in Bournemouth, we understand your concerns and ensure that your hair remains in fabulous health, no matter the colour journey you embark upon.

From Platinum Blonde to Vibrant Copper and Back Again

Imagine going from a stunning platinum blonde to a rich, vibrant copper. It’s a bold move that requires skill and a deep understanding of hair health. Our expert colourist, Jamie, accomplished that for a client who dared to dream in colours. The transition was a masterpiece, showcasing Jamie’s proficiency and dedication to hair health.

However, the story turned unexpectedly when the client decided copper was not her hue. The desire to return to her blonde roots was strong, and here at REVIVE, we respect our client’s wishes, no matter how challenging.

The Challenge: Preserving Hair Health

Transitioning back to blonde from a darker shade like copper is notoriously challenging. It requires a meticulous process to avoid damaging the hair. Jamie, with her extensive expertise, accepted the challenge head-on. His approach? A careful, step-by-step process focusing on minimising damage and preserving the hair’s natural vitality.

The Successful Transition

Against all odds, Jamie successfully transformed the client’s hair from copper to platinum blonde. The process was a testament to Jamie’s skill and the high-quality products and techniques used at REVIVE. Our commitment to hair health meant that throughout the transition, the client’s hair remained luscious, vibrant, and, most importantly, healthy.

Your Hair Colour Adventure Awaits

If you’re in Bournemouth and dreaming of a hair colour transformation, it’s time to visit REVIVE. Whether you’re contemplating going from blonde to copper or fancy another colour adventure, Jamie and our team of expert colourists are here to guide you. We prioritise not just the aesthetics of your hair colour but its health and vitality.

Don’t let the fear of damage keep you from experiencing the joy of change. At REVIVE, your Hairdresser in Bournemouth, we ensure that your hair’s fabulous health is preserved, no matter the journey it takes.

Ready for a Change?

Embark on your unique hair colour journey with REVIVE. Call us today and let Jamie craft a hair story that’s uniquely yours, all while ensuring your locks stay as healthy and fabulous as ever. Your dream hair awaits!